BrewHa Craft Beer Festival was created by friends getting together to put on a big party for their community. As we enter year three, with a planned 6000 in attendance, the party keeps getting bigger and better. We are committed to celebrating excellent beer with the people of Thunder Bay and beyond.

  • Jon Hendel
    Jon Hendel Co-Chair / Stickler

    This man loves all that is craft beer. From hosting tastings, to promotion, to sampling it (a lot), this festival is his annual beer loving celebration. He keeps Kerry focused.

  • Kerry Berlinquette
    Kerry Berlinquette Co-Chair / Hype Queen

    Her energy and enthusiasm keep the team working hard and having fun while at it. Her background in event planning is an asset to this festival’s success.  She keeps Hendel smiling.

  • Ryan Novak
    Ryan Novak Marketing Coordinator

    An “out-of-the-bottle” thinker whose job it is to make sure the festival’s brand and identity are communicated in a strict, corporate and professional manner. He’s also a little sarcastic. 

  • Franco Veneruzzo
    Franco Veneruzzo Vendor Coordinator

    He keeps our event partners (food/sponsors/breweries) happy, while drinking from the fountain of youth. (I think it’s an IPA)

  • Emily Hayden
    Emily Hayden Stage & Music Coordinator

    This organizational and musical superstar keeps our stage rockin’ on time. Her eye for talent guarantees a superb sound to pair with your beer of choice.

  • Kevin Anderson
    Kevin Anderson Site & Security Coordinator

    Kevin will help you find the toilet in case of a #1 or #2. He can even help escort you off the festival grounds if it’s a #3. His beach-body physique may intimidate at first, but he’s a teddy bear through and through.

  • Tom Lupinski
    Tom Lupinski Volunteer Coordinator

    Dude is straight up allergic to sleeves. Even in Thunder Bay winters, they have to go. Tom keeps our volunteers well informed, organized and does a great job making sure they have an awesome time.

  • The Volunteers
    The Volunteers The Get S@#$ Done Crew

    Words of wisdom to any festival planner; you will not have a successful event without amazing volunteers. BrewHa has 50 friends and family who come together to be true ambassadors of our brand & values. We can’t thank them enough for their energy, professionalism, and assistance they provide to our festival goers.





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